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Save UP to 60% of  your Cloud Storage Costs

  • 1/3 the cost of Amazon S3
  • Free monthly egress
  • S3-compliant interface
  • 11 9’s durability backed by SLA

What makes Aegiiz Cloud Smart?

AEGIIZ Cloud is enterprise-class, geo-redundant, blazing-fast, and allows you to store large amounts of data in an affordable way across multiple providers. Our multi-cloud selection process is automated by machine learning, so all you need to do is use our S3-compliant interface, and we’ll do the rest.

What makes Aegiiz Cloud Smart?

AEGIIZ Cloud is enterprise class, geo-redundant, blazing fast, and allows you to store large amounts


60% less than AWS S3

Free monthly egress

No API request charges


S3 compliant interface

Free data migration from S3

Private network options


Multi-provider redundancy

11 9’s data durability

Backed by SLA


You’re not just choosing your cloud. You’re deciding the future of your business.

Take control of your future.

Data powered by Aegiiz Cloud is data free from vendor lock-ins.

Aegiiz Cloud empowers your enterprise technology stack with your choice. Our Intelligent Selection Algorithm will automate your cloud choice to fit your needs. Just define the specifications, and we can reduce your storage costs by up to 80%, optimise your transfer speeds, improve data redundancy, or distribute your data across cloud providers — all under the hood. All you see is a simple, straightforward API for storage.

For many companies, migrating their data to the cloud is a consuming process, but with Aegiiz Technologies, it’s also an empowering process. Move faster, reduce your TCO, operate leaner — all without the worry of locking into any one vendor.

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